Waterfowl Hunting Guides

The Outer Banks of North Carolina provide some of the best and most remote waterfowl hunting on the eastern seaboard. Ducks, geese, and other sea birds come here to winter. Waterfowl hunting is always amazing but even more so when hunting from blinds (or sink boxes) in the Sound. We provide world class hunting here off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You can hunt with your group or choose to have one of our seasoned hunting guides with your party. Of course, as hunters we know, the “fowler” the weather the better the hunt. With Hatteras Hunters Guide Service, you’ll have the opportunity to bag some prized pintails, brants, redheads, buffleheads or some of the many other waterfowl that winter here.

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Pole Blinds

Pole blinds are a traditional waterfowl blind. Our blinds stretch from Hatteras to Frisco along the eastern shore of the Pamlico Sound. We place you in blinds based on our latest scouting trips to optimize your opportunities for a successful hunt. Our camp blinds are large enough to hold the party and the guide. Great 360 degree view of your hunting area.

Dogs are welcome with the expectation that they are properly mannered and trained for the hunting experience.

Sink Box

Sink box hunts are something completely different and unique for North Carolina and specifically to Dare County and the Outer Banks. Many hunters come to duck hunt here on the Pamlico Sound to experience this method of hunting.

Fortunately for you, Dare County North Carolina is one of the last locations to offer this unique type of hunting. Hunting with us provides a great opportunity to experience a one of a kind hunt. A sink box offers advantages to drawing blind weary birds into a water-level blind. Use of this non-traditional blind helps many hunters bag their limit.

We have constructed a 4′ by 4′ aluminum box that sits under the water. There is a curtain on it that raises and lowers to adjust for the tide levels. We have strategically placed our sink boxes on various shallow water shoals in the Pamlico Sound. They are configured so two people can safely hunt from a sink box together. Many people travel a far distances to hunt our famed Outer Banks just to experience a sink box hunt.

Your Hunt

Waterfowl hunting in North Carolina provides a great experience. The Outer Banks provides waterfowl with great wintering grounds.

A successful hunt starts early. We will leave the dock at 5am and be in the blind 45 minutes before shooting light. You will see the beautiful sun rise above the beautiful Pamlico Sound.

Our departure location may change to provide better access to where the ducks will be. Nothing beats being out on the water as you watch the sunrise bring out the beautiful color of the sky. Just imaging that within a short time you’ll start bagging some beautiful ducks.

We would like to make your experience enjoyable so here are some preparation tips we have for you. We strongly suggest a 100% rain coat for the boat ride out, waders are a must have. Before you make your trip down please double and triple check them to make sure there are no leaks. We carry extra gear with us in case there is a leaking pair of waders.

Decoys, Guns, and Gear

The start of a successful and enjoyable hunt will be determined by your decoys, gun and gear.

We use Tanglefree decoys on our hunts. We continually manage decoy spreads to match the current conditions for the migratory birds that are arriving and as they change day to day.

We use the latest semi automatic waterfowl shotguns to include Benelli, Beretta, and Browning.

Non-toxic ammo is required for waterfowl hunting. Preferred shot is #2 through BB.

Other requirements include:

  • Federal Duck Stamp
  • Full license and privileges per NCWRC
  • Temperature and condition appropriate clothing
    • 100% waterproof jacket or coat
    • Waterfowl hunting clothing, gloves, facemask
  • Chest waders

If you don’t have a waterfowl hunting shotgun, don’t worry, contact us directly on reserving a high quality shotgun for rent.